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A special event happens once a month where one pokemon will appear in abundance for 3 hrs. When you have enough candy, you can evolve it to a more powerful form which comes with an exclusive move.


Towards the end of the event (last 20 minutes), players will search for high IV pokemon (individual stats for battle) to evolve and get the exclusive move.


After catching 250 Pokemon, to find the best ones, you have to appraise them, one at a time. This method wastes a lot of time, since you have to swipe to each one.


Lets find and copy the search strings on github kindly provided by another player. Create a text replacement on the iPhone, paste the string in the phrase. But this is a lot of steps and complicated for some users.

Lets create a code strings copy paste app.

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Landing page

A brief description of what search strings can do and then the user can tap on the pokemon ordered by latest event

User Journey

See the whole journey from app to creating keyboard text replacements on ios phone.


Users were requesting other features that relate to finding perfect pokemon. I decided to go with a tabbed interface as this was consistent with the game ui and players were familiar with this.


iOS users who want to check IVs quickly should take a look at this video. The website I used to copy the string is so you should check it out! Feel free to share! Note: Always appraise as CP can be the same for different levels. #PokemonGO

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